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SmartPlant Instrument (INtools)

SmartPlant Instrument (INtools)

SmartPlant Instrument (INtools) is an industry leading instrumentation/cabling solution, providing a proven design, operational and maintenance software platform for both EPCs and Owner Operators.

Belcan possess the expertise to design and build efficient SmartPlant Instrumentation/cabling databases, with experience gained through the completion of numerous Gas Turbine driven Power Generation, Mechanical Drive or Gas Compressor Units.

The software package provides a range of deliverables, achieving up to 40% productivity gains over traditional methods* :

• Instrument Index
• Instrument Datasheets
• Loop Diagrams
• Termination Diagrams
• Cable Schedules

*  Source:  Ref. Intergraph, 2014 – http://www.intergraph.com/assets/pdf/SmartPlant_Instrumentation_Brochure.pdf