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New Product Integration

New Product Integration

The Offshore LNG market has emerged as a genuine force in deep-water exploration and production.  Key in driving interest is the great potential of the pre?salt fields which will provide opportunities for the deployment of advanced floating production systems in the future.  Going forward, the number of floating installations is expected to grow with supporting active deep-water exploration.

The customer required the design of an offshore mechanical drive gas turbine package to support the LNG market.

The Project Scope of work consisted of the following tasks:

• Design of a marinised baseplate with 3-point Anti-Vibration Mounts (AVMs)
o Maintaining acceptable alignment is an imperative for rotating machinery on off-shore floating platforms
o Distortion arising from motion within the platform can change the alignment of the production machinery if the machinery is rigidly mounted.  One way to eliminate the effects of such distortion is to attach the machinery baseplate to the platform using a three-point mounting system.  Anti-Vibration Mounts (AVMs) are used at each support location.  These devices are effective in isolating the baseplate and its machinery from the surrounding structure.
o A detailed Harmonic Response Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of the coupled structure, which predicts the baseplate resonance and amplitudes, is undertaken.  The analysis would indicate that modes do not have a significant effect on package operation.
• Design of a Marinised Gas Turbine Lubricating Oil System
o There is a requirement to take the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s current standard oil system and modify it for both customer and offshore requirements.  This includes material selection and new coolers, of both Seawater and Air Blast Cooler type designs.
• Design of Marinised Additional Sub-systems
o Gas Fuel System
o Combustion Air System
o Ventilation System
o Fire and Gas (Water Mist) Suppression System
o Auxiliary Air System