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Finite Element and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analyses

Finite Element and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analyses

Belcan provide expertise in the design and analysis of gas turbine systems for power generation and mechanical drive applications.  We use our experience to help our clients comply with operational regulations and customer specifications.

Belcan optimise the performance of gas turbine systems and verify that gas turbine enclosures comply with statutory regulations.  We apply our diverse knowledge of the industry to enhance existing designs and deliver cost-effective improvements.  We have a deep understanding of system behaviour and carry out in-depth structural, vibration and impact analysis.

Advanced CFD is one of the techniques used by Belcan to simulate the ventilation airflow through the gas turbine acoustic enclosure.  The CFD methodology along with leak size determination can identify means of preventing the accumulation of combustible gases from the fuels and lubrication oil vapours, arising from a leak within the enclosure.  Design optimisation based on good flow distribution and low gas detection, could then provide a basis of safety against potential explosions.  The models are also used to identify suitable locations and set points for additional gas detection to ensure compliance to Health & Safety requirements.

Our skills and services

• Aerodynamics
• Ancillary Equipment Design
• Enclosure Analysis (Thermal Management and Blast Withstand)
• ATEX Assessments - ISO 21789
• Exhaust System Design and Thermal Assessment
• Structures and Vibration Analysis
• Component Lifting (Creep / Fatigue)
• Piping System Design and Thermal Stress Analysis.

Advanced FEA is used to assess structural supports for gas turbine equipment. FEA consists of a computer model of a material or design that is stressed and analysed for specific results.  Belcan have developed new baseplate and structural design to meet a variety of clients’ requirements and equipment loadings such as:

• Offshore Dynamic Evaluation (Pitch, Role and Heave)
• Seismic Spectral Accelerations Assessment
• Non–synchronous Loads from Power Generators
• NEMA Loadings from Industrial Compressors
• Environmental Loadings, Wind, Snow.