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European Gas Distribution Network - Emission Reduction Programme

European Gas Distribution Network - Emission Reduction Programme

Three projects spanning over ten years, consisting of motor-driven centrifugal pipeline compressors at three locations within a European gas distribution network. 

The Scope of the projects included the following major systems:
• Centrifugal Pipeline Compressors
• Lubricating Oil Systems for the compressors & the motors
• Compressor Variable Speed Drives and Ancillary Systems, each comprising
o 46.6 MVA VSD Converter Transformer
o In-rush Limiting Resistor
o Containerized Harmonic Filter
o Containerized Converter (Drive) System
o Variable Speed 35 MW EEx’p’ Motor c/w Purge & Pressurization System
o Converter (Primary) Cooling System
o Secondary Cooling Pump Skid
o Air Blast Fin-fan Coolers
o VSD Excitation and Control Panel
o Communication Panel
o VSD Cooling System Control Panel
• Lube Oil Coolers
• Compressor Instrumentation Panels
• A Dry Gas Seal Consoles
• Flexible Couplings
• Uninterruptible Motor Drives for the Lube Oil Pumps
• Unit Control Panels
• Hazardous Area Installations.

The units are single-stage centrifugal compressors with a beam-style rotor, with side inlet and discharge.  Each compressor and its associated dry gas seal console, main lube oil system console and compressor instrument panel are mounted to a concrete base, that's a part of the compressor building floor.

Belcan’s responsibilities included the following:
• Engineering Design & Coordination
• Customer Liaison
• Sub-contract Management
• Attendance at Factory Acceptance Tests
• Project Management Support
• Commercial Support to Project Manager
• Installation and Commissioning Support
• Technical Documentation Review, incl. Operating & Maintenance Manuals.