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Job Ref: 9072
IEC 61850 Expert - North West

Job Description

We are seeking an IEC 61850 Expert to join our team based in the north West. The candidate will be involved the development of control systems that use IEC-61850 for communication to external entities. 

• Review projects to develop an understanding of the existing implementation for interlocking and sequencing.
• Develop an understanding of the proposed IEC-61850 methodology for delivering interlock/sequencing strategy
• Realize interlock, and sequencing configurations based on the following:
Develop configuration and delegation of responsibility for all IEC-61850 nodes in the system
Configure computers, fast measurement and other nodes in the system
Configure the selected HMI system to present scheme operation
Work with the designated control system designers on developing a Simulink application to propose a IEC-61850 centric method of implementing interlock/sequencing.
Support design review, and obtain approval from controlled title holders
Prepare demonstration systems and assist in achieving project milestones.
• Develop a design guideline document for control & interlocking of primary equipment
• Develop templated IED configurations for control and interlocking
• Develop and demonstrate IED, Series6 redundancy support functionality
• Develop design guideline document, and templated IED configurations for redundancy support
• Implement, and demonstrate IED and redundancy in chosen HMI packages
• Characterize, and optimize performance of IEDs, and interlock configurations

Templated IEC-61850 HMI configurations for operating the Series-6 & IED based scheme
Above artefacts extended to support redundancy
• Test Reports
Series6 Interlock and sequencing performance characterization report
Series6 HVDC System Test Report – Interlocking (v0.7, v0.8, v0.9, v1.0 releases)
Series6 HVDC System Test Report – Interlocking, Sequencing and Scheme Operation (v0.7, v0.8, v0.9, v1.0 releases)

For further details please contact richard.davies@atc-belcan.co.uk