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Job Ref: 8966
Manufacturing Engineer - Aero Engine components - India

Job Description

We are looking for an experienced manufacturing engineer to undertake a 6 month contract in India supporting the manufacture of gas turbine externals components.  The tube/duct manufacturing engineer will assist the customer with engineering support in producing aircraft engine external hardware such as tubes, ducts, brackets, clips, end fittings.  The engineer will assist the customer to improve the manufacturing process for current production hardware, resulting in a part cost reduction.  As part of the work detailed above, the candidate must be able to perform computer based process data analysis, understand and interpret the results.  Calculate part costs before and after a proposed improvement project and write a business plan to implement the project including all resources required to make the change.  The business plan must include the return on investment, which will lead to an implementation decision.  Write manufacturing procedures to implement new or improved processes.  Test and verify new processes.  The candidate must be able to write clear and understandable technical reports, write and deliver presentation detailing the analysis results and deliver clear business plans.  The candidate must be able to write and manage a project plan to execute each cost reduction project.  The candidate must communicate with members of the customer’s team, such as manufacturing plant staff and engineering team members.
The role will be on-site in India.  Compensation will include living expenses.

Position Responsibilities:
• Improve existing manufacturing processes
• Identify improvement projects, build project plan to implement improvements.
•  Prepare and present business plan for improvement projects to show return on investment to implement.
• Manage the design project to meet time and budget targets.
• Coordinate additional project support as required: Drafting, modeling, manufacturing routings and instructions, tooling and fixture design.
• Manage and expedite production trial lot verifications.
• Analyze trial lot data, compare to requirements.
• Coordinate corrective action if required.
• Prepare trial lot reports for the part customer.
• Communicate with customer team members.

Please contact richard.davies@atc-belcan.co.uk or +44 1275349043 for more information.