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Job Ref: 8907
Auditor - Plymouth

Job Description

Management Systems Auditor, 6 month contract for a global Defence based engineering company located in Plymouth, Devon.

The Auditor will be responsible for the delivery of a programme of multi-functional, management system audits, designed to deliver stakeholder confidence in the overall effectiveness of the management system.   Will be accountable to the Head of Quality (Management Systems) for the delivery of departmental improvement programmes and production of management reports.
Tasks to include:
• Planning and undertaking of a programme of risk based, process effectiveness assessments intended to highlight areas of good practice and potential weakness within business process; designed to aid the business in the continual improvement of their processes.
• Leading a review of the findings of independent assurance activities and report to the organisation on levels of compliance, recommending corrective and preventive actions as appropriate.
• To support, agree and monitor the implementation of necessary corrective and preventive actions to remedy any non-compliance found, verifying that all corrective action undertaken fully addresses the root cause and will prevent recurrence.
• To report any opportunities to improve performance as a result of the findings of independent assurance activities.
• Responsible for the characterisation of risk and opportunities identified from audit, interventions, investigation output and analysis of management system performance (Airsweb, Agility and QPulse); providing a holistic view of compliance for consumption by senior management and the Boards.
• Leading independent audits of the organisations processes to validate those improvement activities delivered by the organisation in response to events and investigations.
• Responsible for the interpretation and communication of changes to Standards that could impact the effectiveness of the management system.
• Responsible for engaging with directorate stakeholders,[at all levels,] to recognise areas of business risk and opportunities for improvement through the identification and analysis of both departmental and site wide trends.
• Responsible for the design and ensuring the delivery and ongoing maintenance of a standardised approach to risk and opportunity management across the organization.
• Responsible for engaging with directorate stakeholders, at all levels, to identify and facilitate the implementation of departmental improvement initiatives in support of strategic objectives.

40 hour week, hourly rate payable.

Please contact emma.stewart@atc-belcan.co.uk 01275 349043 for more information.