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Job Ref: 151
Life Prediction Engineer

Job Description

As a Life Prediction Engineer you will be required to:
• Attend Engineering reviews at several stages of design and development
• Give technical guidance and mentoring to engineers on life prediction methods
• Give technical support on creep analysis, low & high cycle and thermomechanical fatigue and crack propagation calculations for both rotating and structural parts of gas turbine engine components
• Provide technical support on methodology development and tool implementation studies for fatigue analysis
• Give guidance to support component and engine test programs and to utilize the results in order to validate engine designs, systems and analytical models and tools.
• Provide consultancy for understanding and evaluation the system / project requirements in terms of life analysis.

As a Life Prediction Engineer you will have:
• Bachelor’s degree (required) MSC or Phd (desired) in Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering with emphasis on Finite Element methods, computational Mechanics and or Fatigue Calculations.
• Demonstrated academic excellence.
Theoretical and practical knowledge of metal plasticity and fatigue behaviour at high temperature conditions.
• Gas turbine industry experience on vibration (HCF) analysis of airfoils and nozzles (including damper design and analysis)
• Experience on vibrations tests results interpretation and correlation with analysis results.
Creep analysis experience in hot section parts e.g airfoils vanes
• LEFM (linear Elastic Fracture Mechanics) analysis experience in non-rotating parts and turbine airfoils  (EPFM- elasto-plastic fracture mechanics is a plus)
• Demonstrated knowledge in plasticity and creep of single crystal super alloys and life methods.
stress / life analysis of Turbomachinery components
• Experience in Creep-Fatigue interacting analysis, structural tests of turbomachinery components
• Code development experience is desirable.

In the first instance please forward your latest Cv and availability to dstokes@belcan.eu or telephone 01275 349043 for further information.