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Job Ref: 149
Airfoil Cooling and Thermal System Design Engineer

Job Description

Job  Description
As an Airfoil Cooling and Thermal System Design Engineer you will be required to:
• Attend Engineering reviews at various stages of design and development
• Give technical guidance to TEI engineers on thermal system and cooling design
• Give technical support on cooling air prediction
• Provide consultancy to determine the design concepts of turbine airfoil cooling (impingement, film cooling, internal cooling channels using aerodynamic (steady / unsteady CFD)
• Give technical support on heat transfer analysis for cooled airfoils (2D sectors or 3D solid)
• Give technical support on thermal management and heat transfer analysis for gas turbine engines.
Give technical support on generating simulation models (grids, mesh) for numerical calculations.
• Give guidance for design (or support to design) and post process of turbine cooling rig tests.
Give guidance to understand and evaluate the system / project requirements in terms of turbine cooling.
• Technically mentoring thermal system design engineers. Effectively communicate and provide recommendations.
• Guide technical research activities and tests on methodology and tool development projects.

Qualifications / Experience
• Batchelor's degree, MSc or PhD (desired) in Aerodynamics, Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering with an emphasis aerodynamics, thermal system design and /or cooling technologies in turbo machinery.
• Demonstrated academic excellence
• Minimum 10 years required, 20 years + desired experience on airfoil cooling design
• Having advanced courses on gas turbine design topics.
• Experience in turbine airfoil cooling design methodologies  and analysis / design tools.
• Experience in thermal system design of gas turbine engines.
• Experience in cooling air predication and cooling geometry generation
• Experience in designing supporting and post processing blade cooling rig tests

• Contract rate offered at a competitive market rate.
• Travelling and living expense allowance will be provided
• This is a great opportunity to extend your personal development with a leading Aerospace corporation.

In the first instance please forward your latest Cv and availability to dstokes@belcan.eu or telephone 01275 349043 for further information.